Work Hard and Give it All You Have Now – It Will Pay Off

I am presently at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, helping the campus pass out surveys and beginning the process of follow-up.  Just yesterday we surveyed nearly 3,000 students.  A lot of them were interested in getting back together with us.  This morning I met with 3 students who have good potential for getting involved and this afternoon I will meet with another three.  Last night we played ultimate frisbee on the quad and tonight we’re doing volleyball and inviting lots of new people. This is truly the best couple of weeks of the entire year to meet with students who could get involved with the ministry.  Be sure to go for it at the beginning of your semester/term – your extra hard work will pay off.

As you encourage everyone to begin coming to your weekly meetings/Bible studies, it is important that you have a meeting that will encourage people to come back.  Here are some key ideas to consider:

1. Follow the principles in articles 2-7 on “How to Lead a Bible Study”.  You’ll find it here:  Carefully consider all of these principles.

2. Be sure you’re ready for doing personal evangelism by knowing the principles of the “Big Six”:  Turn this training into a Bible study or use it with your leadership team to help everyone be ready.

Give it all you have, it will pay off.  These first two weeks of your semester/term are so important.  Talk to you next week.

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team