You are 100% Successful!

Cru at South Florida banner at survey table
Students filling out surveys

I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at the University of South Florida in Tampa.  It was another great opportunity to not only see God move to raise up new students who may get involved in the Cru ministry, but also to find many who may want to engage in a spiritual conversation that hopefully would lead toward sharing the gospel message using the “Knowing God Personally” (KGP) booklet.  Myself and another staff member shared the Quest survey and KGP with three students Tuesday afternoon.  None of them prayed to receive Christ but I felt like we had left them with much to think about.  It is always a privilege to plant the seeds of the gospel in the lives of students with the hopes that in God’s timing they might place their trust in Him.

One thing we can all know for sure is that when we go out to share the KGP, our testimony, Soularium or other excellent evangelistic tools, you are 100% successful.  Our success is not based upon whether someone makes a commitment to receive Christ, although that is what we would love to see.  But our success is based on our obedience to be His ambassadors, His mouth piece, to share the gospel message.  It is totally up to the Holy Spirit to draw someone into a relationship with Christ.  There is no pressure whatsoever on us.  Every time we go out to share the gospel, we are 100% successful.  God simply wants our hearts and our lives to be His as we are obedient to share the gospel message.

Here is a great definition of Successful Witnessing: “Stepping out in faith (taking the initiative), to share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.”

Go the extra mile these first few days and weeks of your semester.  You could see more results now then possibly any other time of the year.  Share your faith, do immediate and careful follow-up, invite students to your Bible study/weekly meetings, and be sure to advertise as best you can all over campus.  Our responsibility is to go, the Holy Spirits job is to draw people toward a relationship with God.  There’s no pressure on us.  We are 100% successful.

Have a great week!

Ben Rivera for the GodSquad Team