Look Back, Look Forward, Look Around

Staff from Orlando who traveled to the Uni. of South Florida to help do surveys and follow-up

Look Back, Look Forward, Look Around

Hopefully your fall semester/term is now off to a great start.  I have three ideas for you to think about this week for your campus ministry.

1. First, Look Back.  Look back at what you’ve done so far on campus and write down what you would do differently and how you might improve your start to the year.  How would you do your surveys differently?  How well did your first weekly meeting go?  Is there anything you would change?

a. Look back at the past weekly tips here.  The principles, strategies and ideas of the past tips may be just what you need for this week on campus.  Review them regularly as an       encouragement to your ministry.

2. Second, Look Forward.  Be sure to keep your eye on your master strategy for your fall ministry each week.  Stay on course so that by the end of the semester, you’ve accomplished your goals for your campus ministry.  Check out these two links for further insight: http://godsquad.com/leading/campusyear.htm and http://godsquad.com/leading/evaluating.htm

3. Finally, Look Around.  Look around you to see if you’ve done a good job at connecting with everyone who is interested in your ministry.  Have you contacted all the interested people from the surveys you’ve conducted?  Have you tried to send them both a text message and email (assuming they left you their number on the survey sheet).  Have you called some who came to your first meeting but you didn’t see them in the next meeting?

For personal follow-up you can cover pages 11-15 of the “Knowing God Personally” booklet.

You can also use these excellent follow-up studies for one-to-one appointments with new or young believers on campus.  You can also use them in your Bible studies: http://godsquad.com/discipleship/lifeconcepts.htm

Overall, do your best to follow-up on as many new people as you can.  Be sure to have others help you so people can be contacted quickly.  Keep up the great work!

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team