Bible Studies With a Purpose and a Plan

Bible Studies With a Purpose and a Plan

As you begin your Bible studies for your fall semester/term, what you cover in those studies is key for two reasons.

First, you want to cover the important foundational truths of the Christian faith, with new or young believers.

Second, you want to model how to teach Bible studies so that your disciples can teach them to others.  That’s one aspect of becoming a multiplying disciple.

Realistically, you only have 15 weeks in your fall semester and 15 weeks in your Spring semester.  How will you make each weekly Bible study count for maximum growth and spiritual depth with the ability to multiply?

Check out these web pages for a couple of good options:

Option #1 Essentials Bible study series How to lead the Essentials Bible study series

Option #2 Five E’s of Spiritual Development

A Primer on Discipleship – some great thoughts in this article

For a good sequence of studies to new or young believers, check out the third category of this link called “Walk by Faith”.  Continue scrolling down and you’ll see a good line-up of studies:

The first study on Assurance of Salvation does not have as many questions in it so you’ll need to come up with a few to help people discuss the topic.

Here’s what your ministry could look like:

Multiplying your ministry

Pray and plan for a multiplying ministry that will cover foundational truths as well as allow you to model your Bible studies to others.

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team