Remembering 20 years ago – The Christmas/Winter Conferences

As a student I had the privilege of going to all four Christmas/Winter conferences during my college years at Cornell University.  The conference had an impact in my life in five areas that I still remember to this day:

  1. I grew closer to the Lord as I heard from godly speakers who spoke on topics ranging from running the Christian race in 1 Corinthians 9 to living life from an eternal perspective in 1 Corinthians 3 and Romans 12.  Just for perspective, I still remember some of the main themes of the messages that were given at the conferences nearly 18-20 years ago!  That’s how much impact it had on my life.
  2. Attending the Christmas/Winter conference with a number of students from my campus allowed me to grow closer to them and gave us more unity back on campus.
  3. The elective seminars that were offered during the afternoons were amazing as they encouraged and equipped me to help reach our campus as well as growing in the essentials of the Christian life.
  4. The days of outreach into the community were also a highlight as we stepped out into the city of Philadelphia to share our faith.
  5. Finally, the talent show, skits, entertaining emcee, and musical guests were all a blast to be a part of.  I even played the banjo in the talent show my sophomore year.

Do all you can with God’s help to attend this years Christmas/Winter conference in your region.  You just might remember some of the impact of this conference in your life 20 years from now.

Here is a link on the GodSquad page that will help you recruit effectively to the conference.  Be sure to look at the side bar to the left for more tips and a hotlink toward the bottom of the article for how to raise conference scholarships:

To find the regional conference near your campus, go to this link:

Click on to the color map of the U.S. to find the current information for your regional conference.  Some of the information at the bottom of the page is from last year’s conferences.

Make plans this week to begin recruiting at your weekly meetings and Bible studies for your Christmas/Winter conference.  Finally, make regular announcements from now until the end of the semester to encourage students to come.  Be creative and have fun.

Ben Rivera and the GodSquad Team