Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

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People are all around us.  Many of them you’ve seen over and over again in class, in the library, in the cafeteria, student union or food court on campus.  Some you’ve even spoken to several times.  Everybody it feels like has some drama going on in their lives.

Some students are struggling with their grades, others with money, addictions, breaking up with their girlfriend/boyfriend.  Tragically, some are even contemplating suicide or some other evil act.  And some may be very depressed and discouraged.

You could be the person to make a difference in their life.  Take a step of faith and ask someone if they would do the Quest survey, followed by sharing the simple booklet “Knowing God Personally”.  God could use you to be the first step in turning their life around.

On August 23-24, I had the privilege of traveling to the University of North Florida to help with surveys, sharing the gospel, and doing follow-up.  Here’s what happened on one sharing appointment in the words of Kristen, one of the 6 staff members who made the trip with me,

“My friend Sarah and I met with an ROTC student who had struggled with anger towards God after her father was killed in Iraq while on a mission to distribute soccer balls she’d collected for him. God opened a door for us to share about how much He loved her and how He was a Father to her. After she heard the plan of salvation, she accepted Jesus into her heart.  It was amazing how God used such a painful experience in her life to awaken her need for Him.”

Christie and Sarah sharing with ROTC student on the UNF campus

Invite people you talk with to your weekly meeting/Bible study.  Offer to go and pick them up.  Include them as often as you can as you show them God’s love by your words and actions.

Do something you’ve never done before.  Talk to someone that you see regularly on campus, engage them in a spiritual conversation and tell them about Jesus.  You could make a difference in someone’s life today.

Check out these links for some encouraging information and simple how to’s:

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Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team