Try It Once a Month

One strategy to think about is what is called the “Once a Month” event.  This is a carefully planned and timed monthly evangelistic event on campus that would give many people the opportunity to hear the gospel message.  A couple of weeks ago, weekly tip #9 down below, gave a couple of examples of large group evangelistic events with great results that saw a number of students place their trust in Christ.  The results in anything we do of course will vary, but it is always God that produces the fruit.  We simply need to step out in faith to make Christ an issue on campus and leave the results to Him.

There are several important benefits to a Once a Month evangelistic event for your campus movement.

  1. Large group evangelistic events help to make Christ an issue on campus and can give you more opportunities to engage people in spiritual conversations.  You would simply ask students on campus, “Did you hear about the event that was on campus recently sponsored by Campus Crusade?”  “Can I share with you what it was all about?”  With their permission, you can proceed to share the Quest or another survey, share about your relationship to God and see where their heart is at spiritually.  Hopefully, in many cases you will be able to share the “Knowing God Personally” booklet.
  2. Large group events can give you a number of contacts to follow-up on after you’ve given people an opportunity to fill out comment cards.  You’ll be able to invite them to your Bible study/weekly meetings.
  3. Large group monthly events, can give everyone a chance to be involved in evangelism and reaching out to others.  Everyone’s faith will be stretched as they work to engage others in conversations.
  4. Finally, large group evangelistic events help your overall movement to stay on the cutting edge and keep your ministry growing.  If you’re not doing regular evangelism, it’s very possible for your campus ministry to plateau, stagnate and even decline.  When you’re staying active with regular opportunities to proclaim the gospel, you give your ministry a chance to stay dynamic, vibrant and growing as you potentially see new people getting involved in your campus ministry.

What are some potential large group or campus wide events to consider?  Check out these links for several good strategic ideas:

Halloween is coming up this weekend.  Why not try something just before or just after the 31st of October?  In addition, what might it look like to do one more, big evangelistic event during November or December, before your Christmas break?  Go for it once a month and give your ministry a chance to keep growing.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team