Fresh Evangelistic Approaches

We are now into November, consider how you can continue to invite students to your regional Winter/Christmas Conference.  This could really be life changing for everyone.  See tip on October 5th down below.

Fresh Evangelistic Approaches

Campus Crusade staff member and director at James Madison University, Dan Flynn, has some great ideas that his campus ministry uses.  Dan says that he has always “valued evangelistic approaches that help someone become a Christian.”

Below is a list of strategies that could help someone become more ready to consider the Good News of Jesus Christ.

These are some great ideas, check them out:

— Least Content, Least Risk —

1.  Ask someone to tell you the “story” of their life, and really, really listen.
2.  Invite a friend to your weekly meetings/Bible study & pick them up.
3.  Write “” on the corner of the whiteboard in your classrooms.
4.  Walk around a dorm or classroom building on campus, 7 days in a row, praying for its students.  If someone asks you what you’re doing, tell them.
5.  Ask your classmates how they are doing.  Look in their eyes and show you care. Then start praying for them by name.
6.  Bring a friend to Church on a Sunday.  Hey, they won’t ever come if you don’t ever ask, right?
7. Figure out a way to practically bless an unbelieving friend today.  If they’re sick, bring them lunch from the dining hall, or drive them to Wal-Mart?
8. What if you showed up to one of your classes 10 minutes early every M-W-F and silently prayed for the Prof and students, and see if God does something in that class that’s unusual?
9. How about fasting 1 day this week, and using the 90 minutes of non-eating time to pray for every unbelieving friend you can think of?
10. Invite your friends and classmates to do something with you during Compassion Week, Earth day or any other special day on campus.  Find a need on campus, and volunteer to meet it.  If asked, tell them it’s the least you can do in light of what Jesus has done for you.

— Some Content, Some Risk —

1.  Give an article list to a friend to gauge their interest, then send them a hyperlink to an article.  Reconnect later about it.
2.  Grab lunch with a classmate and ask them a good question like: “What do you think makes Jesus different?”
3.  Ask friends what they admire most about Jesus and why.
4.  Set up Internet feed of in a high-traffic area of the student union.  Go visit with someone and show them this web site and see what they think.  You can even pull out your laptop and show them on campus.

5. Have a late night discussion about why you think Jesus is the greatest man who ever lived; or why he’s your hero.
6. Use Quest Survey questions over meals with your friends

— Most Content, Most Risk —

1.  Share your Story/Testimony with a friend.
2.  Write a letter-to-the-editor on simply why you think Jesus is great.  Have your unbelieving friends proofread it for advice before you give it to the editor.
3.  Do a Communication Speech assignment on why you think Jesus is the ultimate hero.  Who heard you?

Why not print these out and consider with your leaders which ideas would be appropriate steps of faith with five friends this week?  Or maybe you can try with one friend each week for the rest of the school year.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team