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Weekly Tip #8, Fall 2016
Actual location of Sermon on the Mount

Read the story in Matthew 14:13-21 here. Once you have the content and the context, you will notice a number of important facts from this event in the life of Jesus.

Here are three questions to ask yourself about the “important facts” link above (think deeply about each question for a few moments):

a.     What was Jesus relationship to the Father?

b.     What was Jesus feelings and heart for the people? Why? (Feel free to examine the same story in the other gospels for other ideas).

c.     After witnessing this miracle of feeding so many people with so little, what lessons might the disciples have learned from this event?

After answering these simple three questions, what is the heart for God that you feel you’d like to develop more in your life? How about your heart for people?

(Hint: if you turn each point that you read above into carefully crafted questions, you’ll have a great Bible study).

Know Your Story

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One important part of sharing your faith is to be able to concisely tell others how you came to Christ and what He means to you. Take some time to make this critical tool a part of your experience in witnessing to others. Here’s how to prepare your testimony. Here is the training in a written document in case you want to print this out and use in conjunction with the video.

Framework For Sharing Your Faith


In our heart to apply many of the tools we have covered with you and write about, there is a model called CoJourners. Here is the description:

“It is an equipping paradigm, which provides a way of thinking about and teaching conversational evangelism. This equipping paradigm consists of learning the four roles we play in relating to others in their spiritual journeys.”

It would be helpful for you and your leaders to go through. Here’s the link

Talk to you next week,

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