Have We Left Anyone Out?

Weekly Tip #9, Fall 2016

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Have We Left Anyone Out?

The heart of Jesus as he traveled among the towns and villages during His three year active ministry is seen in Matthew 15:21-28. A Canaanite woman came to Him asking if He would heal her daughter, who was oppressed by a demon. She was clearly desperate and alone. The Harmony of the Gospels commentary below, describes this encounter as one that was very odd, but clearly ordained by God. Here’s what it says:

“Matthew pointed to the woman’s ancestry in identifying her as “a Canaanite woman” (Mt 15:22). This designation heightens the irony, since it portrays her as a descendent of Israel’s ancient enemies coming to Israel’s Messiah for help. Son of David: A Gentile had no right to approach Him on that basis.”[1]

The truth for us, we need to have compassion to talk with and share the gospel with everyone. Jesus came and died for all mankind. All who would acknowledge Him as dying for their sins as moved by the Holy Spirit, would be saved. How about you? Are you sharing the good news of the Gospel with everyone? Are we leaving anyone out?

Let’s Travel Together


One of the significant encouragements to growth and maturity in one’s spiritual life and training is conferences and retreats. When one gets away from their normal familiar environment, and distractions are kept to a minimum, it feels like God can more clearly speak to each person. Take full advantage of every opportunity to grow in your faith in ways you might never have dreamt of, by attending this year’s Cru Winter Conference in your region.

Take a step of faith and ask God to open the doors in your life to be able to attend. Here are some important links that will help you as you both consider going, and encourage others to come with you.

Cru Winter Conference FAQ and home page

The Importance of Conferences


Talk to you next week,

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[1] Harmony of the Gospels; Easley, Kendell, and Cox, Feb. 1, 2007. B&H Publishing Group, section 78, pg. 105.